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Blooming season of 2015


According to the states of the stems of our Oriental seedlings at this moment in Scio, Oregon

we expect the following blooming dates:

Selected Oriental seedlings in greenhouse: From July 14th till  July 25th

 Oriental seedlings in the field: Probably the same time as the lilies in the greenhouse or some days or some days earlier.

This year we expect again to select new colors for Orientals

If the dates have to be adjusted, we will do so via this Page.

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Blooming season of 2014


Some of our selections for the cut flower industry

can be found at our Page:

'New Selections 2014'

We also added a Page with a collection of several Pot lilies we selected this year.

These Pot/Border lilies are on Page:

'Pot Selections 2014'


The selections we made in the field can be seen in our greenhouses in 2015


Blooming season of 2013


A collection of the best selections we made that season can be found at:

'The Top of 2013'


Selections season 2012 and 2011


The Top Selections (in our opinion) of the 2012 season are at Page:

'Top Selections 2012' and 'The very best of 2011'



Each selection has their own 'Page' which include information about their length, forcing time, bud count per size as well as in what way to participate.

For additional information, please feel free to contact us by phone (1) 503 394 4455, or by E-mail:  Mak-Leek, Inc.


'Alma Ata' news


Some lily varieties, including 'Alma Ata', can give some problems during storage in a cooler or during shipment. These problems may occur in the form of brown spots on the buds or leaves.

This quality issue can be prevented by not immediately placing the fresh cut stems in a cooler, but placing these stems instead in a dry storage area at about 45 F for at least 36 hours.

'Alma Ata' is one of the lily varieties that responds very positive to this treatment.




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Below you can see we don't use the help of 'Photoshop', and that is not necessary as animals know what is beautiful and what is good

(And that's no bull)!




Are you interested in more information about 'Curley Sue'?

Please go the Page of 'Curley Sue'

or you can E-mail us to the following address:  Mak-Leek, Inc.


'Album' with Mak-Leek, Inc. lily varieties


In the Past people were using catalogues or photo albums to find pictures of lily varieties they were interested in, or wanted to see how they looked like.

However, nowadays everything is computerized and most pictures are stored on a color-CD or on the hard drive of a computer.

Most of the time there are no 'hard' copies of the images and if something goes wrong, the images are lost for ever.

If images of lilies are 'stored' on the Web, normally they are the ones that are being offered for that very season.

Most of the lily selections, shown on our Mak-Leek, Inc. Web Site, are selected during the last couple of years.

To accommodate the interest of the lily enthusiasts among us, we created a sitemap including the 'older' varieties as well.

The images of the named commercially grown varieties start at Page Lilium Info A - C of the link 'Photo Album' and the ones that are still in development can be found via the same link under 'What's Coming'

Creating good selections for commercial use is the commercial aim, but the fun starts when a hybrid of a not usual cross blooms for the first time.

Some of these hybrids are also on display and can be found via the 'Photo Album' link under 'other Lines'






On Saturday July 21st. of 2007 we at Mak-Leek, Inc. celebrated - along with lily friends from North America and The Netherlands - 30 years of hybridizing of Johan Mak.


The weather was very cooperative and many lilies in the field and greenhouse were in bloom; it was a very enjoyable event.


To add another 30 years is probably too much to ask, but to ask for an additional 20 years must be reasonable.




Lilies for the Retail Industry

The most of these lilies are being sold in stores, via Web Sites, catalogue, mail-order and specialty sales.

For the commercial growers, this industry is getting more and more important as this type of sales is about 14% of the gross sales.

Forcing time is not so important. However, resistance and growing power is.

A good (color) photograph of the flower and plant can be very helpful.

We at Mak-Leek, Inc. also have a breeding program, which provides many varieties to the Retail Market.

A collection of the newer selections can be seen at: Retail Selections


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