Important information about Mak-Leek, Inc's Participation System

The selected Oriental and Asiatic Lily Hybrids on this Web site are being offered via a 'Participation system' by Mak-Leek, Inc. in accordance with, but not limited to the following conditions:


  1. There are a maximum number of participation licenses of each selection being offered. These quantities will not be increased.

  2. Per lily hybrid, a participation license has a maximum acreage.

  3. If, at some point in time, the acreage of a selection needs to be increased, this increase  will be evenly divided by the participants.

Tissue Culture

  • A minimum quantity of tissue culture bulbs per selection applies.

  • Through a Brokerage company, the participant will order the tissue culture bulbs directly from a licensed laboratory.


  • Selections being offered to the participation system are not yet protected by Breeder's Right and/or US Patent.

  • Therefore, participants need to know, that, before Mak-Leek, Inc. has applied for Breeder's Right, and is granted this Right, it is prohibited to offer and/or sell the selected Lily Hybrids.

License Agreement

  • If being granted for Breeder's Right, participants are required to sign a license agreement with Mak-Leek, Inc..

  • Participant, now a licensed grower of a Lily Hybrid, is allowed to offer commercial bulbs.

  • Subject to the terms of the license agreement Participant/Licensed grower can offer, sell or transfer the license.


  1. After being granted Breeder's Right, the participant/Licensed grower will be required to pay a royalty payment to Mak-Leek, Inc.. This royalty payment is over the grown acreage per growing year.


  • Parties who participate need to be either a grower or be connected with one or more growers through his organization.

  • European law will govern  participants. The material has to grow the countries of the European Union.

  • Mak-Leek, Inc. reserves the right to refuse anyone who likes to participate.

Other Options

  • Mak-Leek, Inc. lily varieties also can be grown within a lily growing group.

      This group will determine the acreage as well as the prices.

  • If you like to receive information about our other ways of offers, like a 'joint venture' concerning selected 'Asiatic', 'Orientals',  'Longiflorum', 'Pot varieties', LA's, 'OT's' and other interdivisional hybrids, you or your representative can contact Mak-Leek, Inc.

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