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Mak-Leek, Inc. is a lily breeding company with over 35 years of experience in the breeding of different type of lilies. We are located in scenic Scio, Oregon, in the Pacific North West of the United States.
You can view some of our seedling fields by accessing our page 'R. & D.'

Our Mission

At Mak-Leek, Inc. we take pride in offering our highest quality lily hybrids. During the growing season, these lilies were subject to our 'Oregon Weather', with its extreme high and low temperatures, very dry and wet spells, and an enormous aphid pressure. The surviving seedlings  are the strongest of their kind. You will these seedlings on our 'Lily Selections' page. Said varieties also are selected for their appearance, their growing abilities, their decease resistance, etc.


Some of our selected Lily Hybrids with their characteristics can be found on this web site. We offer these selections to growers who are interested in participating. A detailed explanation regarding the participation system can be found at page 'Information'. We also have a program for lily seedlings for the retail market, a collection of these seedlings can be found at: 'Retail Selections'   Whether you visit us on our web site, or in person at our facility in Scio, Oregon; you're always welcome! Please let us know if you need additional assistance or have some more questions.

Contact information

You can reach us 24 hours per day by fax and/or e-mail, or by phone during normal business days. It's also possible to visit us at our breeding facility in Oregon. We will make an appointment with you concerning the date and time.

(1) 503 394 4455
39100 Ridge Drive
Scio, OR. 97374-9582
          United States of America
E-mail: Mak-Leek, Inc.

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