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Welcome to the Sitemap of the Mak-Leek, Inc. Web Site 

Since 1977 we created a good number of lily varieties.
This Site can be used as a reference to these Mak-Leek, Inc. selections that are named and grown commercially.
We have tried to make it as accurate as possible, however of some of the (older) varieties either the picture was lost or the quality of the image was too bad
The alphabetical list contains five pages starting with the Page A - C

New unnamed Selections

A number of our unnamed selections (or with just a 'work' name), which are in development can be found via the link 'What's Coming'

'ER' Hybrids

Then there are always the 'not' usual crosses. Most of the time some extra efforts has to be made to help the few embryo's to survive, but when they do and bloom for the first time, the excitement and curiosity is there, like how did this cross combination work out. A selection of the 'survivals' are displayed on the Page 'Other Lines'

Mak-Leek, Inc. is located at 39100 Ridge Drive,     Scio. OR. 97374

Please tell us what you think about our 'Gallery' Site. If you miss one of our commercial varieties on this Site and have  question(s) about it, please feel free to contact us by send-ing a message to our E-mail address: plntblbs@smt-net.com


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Last updated: December 18, 2009